Neger fitte glattbarbert fitte

neger fitte glattbarbert fitte

away". fitte!" (getting hurt skal få meg litt fitte" ( getting pussy ). Rovdyrkjeft, meaning "predator's maw alternative to fitte. English loanwords edit Norwegian has borrowed some profane words and phrases from English. Fukka is no longer in use today. Doch ein langer, heißer Tag führt oft zu geschwollenen Füßen und Beinen. Many words are characterized by dialect.


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Fitte spesialisten: Neger fitte glattbarbert fitte

Dritt, drit, skitt, skit, or the anglicized spelling shit means "shit". Pokker, alternative to "søren". Is considerably more offensive in the west-side part of Norway. Top definition fitte sex, norwegian word for cunt, pussy, vagina. Often used among younger people, and used too often. 1, helvete 2 means "hell". Waden- und Oberschenkelmuskeln angewiesen : Werden diese angespannt, pressen sie die Venen zusammen, das Blut wird nach oben gedrückt. Citation needed List of less severe profanities in Norwegian language edit Kjerring, meaning "old (ugly) woman". Rompehull, meaning "butthole mild alternative to Rævhål. Pikk, meaning "dick" or "prick a generally less severe form of "kukk".

Neger fitte glattbarbert fitte - Glattbarbert

Tissemann is only male, while tiss is unisex. It sees much of the fickanzeigen paar sucht spittal an der drau same use as its English counterpart. Tissemann / tiss, generic children's names for the urinating parts, ( tiss can also mean "pee in the vein of "willy". Derived forms include jævla and jævlig, which can be used as adjectives or adverbs and would be translated into the English adjective "fucking".

Neger fitte glattbarbert fitte - Fitte

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Tone damli puppeglipp swingers oslo Die Venenwände bleiben durch Venengymnastik elastisch. Examples include: Retard (common among youth, often shortened to "tard Nerd Fuck (often spelled "føkk Fuckface (not very often used, but getting more and more common among Norwegian youth) The word "fuck" as used by both the English and Norwegians today, however, is likely. Faen ta deg means "fuck you" or, literally, "the devil take you". And also in the genitive form: Jeg vet ikke hvor mange ganger jeg har fått fiskesnøret fast i den satans busken, en dag så tar jeg bensin og lighter å ofrer hele jævelen til satan! From these, the verbs å drite and å skite have been derived, carrying the meaning of "to shit".
neger fitte glattbarbert fitte

Fitte: Neger fitte glattbarbert fitte

Profanity in the, norwegian language is referred to in Norwegian as banneord (curse words bannskap (cursing obskøniteter (obscenities) or upassende språk (inappropriate language). For instance, the terms kuksuger and jævel may be combined to produce the compound kuksugerjævel, meaning "cocksucking bastard". Introduced by infamous Norwegian comedian Otte Jespersen. Forpulte, literally meaning "fucked" or, more accurately using the intensifying meaning of the prefix "be- "befucked from "pule" (to fuck/screw). Often used as an interjection. Offensiveness of the profanities is not constant and may vary between regions. Barfuß oder mit neger fitte glattbarbert fitte dicken Socken, um Ödemen vorzubeugen Foto: imago. Kyss meg i ræva, meaning "Kiss my ass" or, literally, "kiss me in the ass" Hestkuk, meaning "horse cock particularly used in Northern Norway. Used as an interjection. Drittstøvel means much the same as above. Considered a compliment in Northern Norway. Fitte means "cunt" and is used as a noun, as in jævla fitte fucking cunt literally "devilled vulva with a general meaning of "asshole". Dra til helvete means "go to hell". Praxisvita zeigt Übungen, mit denen Sie Ödemen effektiv vorbeugen können. Rævhål, also written rævhøl, meaning "asshole". Damit das Blut aus den Beinen wieder zum Herzen gelangt, ist unser Körper auf die Arbeit der. Drittsekk, meaning "scumbag or, literally, "shit bag". Jævel means "devil" and is used as a noun. Depending on context, it may also carry the meaning of "bastard "fucker" or other, similar derogatory terms. GullLars, april 06, 2005. It literally translates to "shit boot". Sometimes, the word will remain the same but will have Norwegian conjugations and pronunciation. "heck" instead of "hell". Kuksuger, meaning " cocksucker same as above. References edit External links edit. (female genitals more by, other dictionary words. Its use is more common among children and younger teens. (female genitals) fitte volume_up twat noun slg. Norwegian grammar allows for virtually indefinite combinations of profanities; as is possible in other Germanic languages such as German, words may be combined into compounds. I don't know how many times my fish-line's got stuck in that goddamn bush - one day I'll grab gasoline and a lighter and sacrifice the whole fucker to Satan! Other profane terms include: Runketryne, meaning "wack-off face became more common after the release of the movie Terkel in Trouble. (female genitals) fitte volume_up pussy noun slg. Kuk or kukk, meaning "cock".

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