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Oxford English Dictionary : initialism. After that your body and mind will be in deep relaxation. For example, the cctv New Year's Gala, whose full name is literally read as "China Central Television Spring Festival Joint Celebration Evening Gala" was first shortened to "Spring Festival Joint Celebration Evening Gala" but eventually referred to as simply Chunwan. Retrieved April 3, 2015. Had the best 2 hours ever, she was really nice pretty girl with an amazing smile and amazing hands, and body Took me to heaven I am coming back for sure. 57 58 (or similar 59 as used by former Australian Prime Minister Ben Chifley. Representing plurals and possessives edit There is a question about how to pluralize acronyms.


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Vars identifiserbar, er ikke desperat etter sex. A b Cheng, Tsung O (2003 "No more unexplained trial acronyms please. 65 Further information: English possessive Case edit All-caps style edit The most common capitalization scheme seen with acronyms is all-uppercase ( all-caps except for those few that have linguistically taken on an identity as regular words, with the acronymous etymology of the words fading into. Lenition edit In languages such as Scottish Gaelic and Irish, where lenition (initial consonant mutation) is commonplace, acronyms must also be modified in situations where case and context dictate. "Localization" can be abbreviated "l10n " multilingualization " "m17n and " accessibility " "a11y". Another term "comnavseacombatsysengsta which stands for "Commander, Naval Sea Systems Combat Engineering Station" is longer but the word "Combat" is not shortened. Anime Porn Videos Sextreff. In some languages, especially those that use certain alphabets, many acronyms come from the governmental use, particularly in the military and law enforcement services. "dGuide to the Third kontaktannonse oslo gay cruising oslo Edition of the OED". In Canada, the Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance (Party) was quickly renamed to the "Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance" when its opponents pointed out that its initials spelled ccrap (pronounced "see crap. The House is in Session". "Nooit opgegeven, al 95 jaar doorgezet!" (in Dutch). Examples of common acronyms include "sars" (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and "unicef" (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund "The Difference Between an Acronym and an Initialism" "Today I Found Out", accessed August 13, 2015: "An acronym is a word formed from the initial letters. I have tried this type of massage before, but this was by far the best! "Insisting It's Nothing, Creator Says SAT, Not.A.T." The New York Times. Archived from the original (PDF) on July 7, 2011.


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"acronym." Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, accessed May 2, 2006: "a word (as nato, radar, or laser) formed from the initial letter or letters of each of the successive parts or major parts of a compound term; also: an abbreviation (as FBI) formed from initial letters: see. Some examples of contrived acronyms are USA patriot, CAN spam, captcha and ACT. A set of initials representing a name, organization, or the like, with each letter pronounced separately, as FBI for Federal Bureau of Investigation." "acronym". Isbn Patel CB, Rashid RM (February 2009). M is the fastest growing online Escort amp; hot new members every day! The rapid advance of science and technology in recent centuries seems to be an underlying force driving the usage, as new inventions and concepts with multiword names create a demand for shorter, more manageable names. Current rating:.00, current rating:.00, all ts Escorts from United Kingdom. Menn søker sex escort pl bøsse. Lucy I know how a loving touch can heal body and soul with immediate effect! "A pronounceable word formed from the initial letters of each word or selected words in a phrase (e.g., aids. Archived from the original on March 18, 2016. "Users of the term acronym make no distinction between those pronounced as words. Our Team, jana, tantric massage is one of the greatest ways to connect with your own body and forget about the world around. There are also cases where some longer phrases harder neuken sexy sterren are abbreviated drastically, especially in Chinese politics, where proper nouns were initially translated from Soviet Leninist terms. 1, The Acronym, Pure and Impure American Speech (1943) Vol. Traveling around Bergen eskorte bergen. I am over 18, Enter, i Disagree - Leave This Website. For example, " messenger RNA " and " transfer RNA " become "mRNA" and "tRNA". Others point out that language change has happened for thousands of years, and argue that it should be embraced as inevitable, or as innovation that adapts the language to changing circumstances.

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